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Upgrade your bathroom with a modern vanity from JJ Marble And Granite today! With our selection of high-quality vanities and our fast and reliable installation services, you’ll have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind bathroom in no time. Our vanities are available in many sizes and come with features like sinks, faucets, and more. Whether you’re looking for a freestanding bathroom vanity Essex County, NJ, or a contemporary under-mount sink, you’ll find it all at JJ Marble And Granite! Moreover, many of our vanities come with the option of customizing your design. Call us today to get more information on our high-quality vanities and complete installation services.

Modern Bathroom Vanities Essex County, NJ

Are you looking for unique and stylish modern bathroom vanities Essex County, NJ? Welcome to JJ Marble And Granite, the leading provider of unique bathroom vanities! We provide top-quality vanities that are sure to give your bathroom a stylish and luxurious look. Our wide selection of styles, colors, and materials will give you plenty of options to find the perfect vanity for your space. Plus, we provide professional installation services so you can get the perfect fit every time. Visit our website now to browse our selection of double-bathroom vanities and get started on creating the bathroom of your dreams!

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Are you looking for the best bathroom vanities in Essex County, NJ? Look no further! With a wide range of prices and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect vanity for your home from JJ Marble And Granite. From traditional to modern designs, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a single or double-sink vanity, we have the perfect one to fit your budget. We also offer different materials such as wood, marble, and stone to make sure your bathroom looks stylish and luxurious. So don’t hesitate – to explore our selection today and find the perfect vanity for your Essex County, NJ home!


Bathroom vanities are a great way to add value and style to your bathroom remodel. They can also make your bathroom look larger, which is especially important if you have small bathrooms.

There are several different styles of bathroom vanity; some of these materials include wood, marble, granite, and quartz. The most popular material for bathroom vanities is marble because it looks great and is very durable.

The average cost of a bathroom vanity is anywhere from $200 to $1,000 depending on the style, quality, and features that are included in it. The more expensive vanities tend to be made with better materials and more intricate designs.

No, you can install a double sink vanity over an existing one if your home doesn’t have enough space for both sinks and toilet bowls to fit in the same pattern on the wall. Make sure that you don’t block the window or doorways so that people can pass through easily.

Fortunately, there are many customization options available for bathroom vanities that allow you to create a unique look that suits your style and needs. From material selection to size and shape, you can customize almost every aspect of your vanity so that it fits perfectly in your bathroom.